Staff & Vestry

Parish Staff
The Rev. Hal Roark, Rector
Fr. Hal began his ministry at Good Shepherd on September 1, 2016. He can be confidentially reached at Don’t hesitate to reach out if he can be of any service to you.

Ms. Cecilia Sparacio, Music Director
Phone: 914.248.5631

Child Care Provider
Ms. Sharen McKenna
Phone: 914.248.5631

Vestry & Parish Officers
Bruce Barber, Warden
Fay Wright, Warden
Sybil Barnett
Jack Berkowitz
Michael Hagen
Sharen McKenna
Stephanie Tatto
Jennifer Newman, Clerk
Jim Ringer, Treasurer
Maria Kaprielian, Financial Officer

Parish & Diocesan Committees Vestry Committees: The business of the parish is managed by the Vestry, Wardens, Parish officers, and the Rector. The Rector and Vestry sometimes appoint committees to manage some of the day to work of the parish. The Rector is an  ex officio member of all Committees. Below are some Committees that meet on a regular basis throughout each year.

Sunday School Committee: The Sunday School Committee organizes and runs the Sunday School at Good Shepherd. There are several planning meetings at the start or the year. Members of the Committee plan the coming year at those meetings and they commit to teaching Sunday School for one or more sessions each year.

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee is the central hub off of which all of Good Shepherd’s Outreach projects extend (like spokes on a wheel). The Committee meets several times each year to discuss and plan upcoming events and projects. All are welcome to join the Committee;  just come to the meeting!

Pastoral Care Team: The role of the Pastoral Care Team is to support parishioners in times of need, through prayer, visits, rides, meals, and support in times of crisis. Equally important, the Pastoral Care team seeks to provide avenues for parishioners to fulfill their call as the Body of Christ in the world, by sharing their gifts with others in times of need. An essential part of the Pastoral Care Team is our Prayer Group, a group of laypeople that have committed to lift the prayer list on behalf of the parish, every day of the week. If you have a need for Pastoral Care, or if you wish to join this thriving ministry, please contact the parish office.

Stewardship Committee: The Stewardship Committee’s job is to encourage all parishioners to give their time, talent and treasure to God. Our year is focused around Covenant Sunday, the second Sunday in November, when each church member is asked to make a pledge of time and money to help the church plan its activities for the coming year. To accomplish our goals, we have monthly to bimonthly meetings and include a monthly column in The Shepherd’s Voice, reminding parishioners about this very important part of spiritual living.

Sustainability Committee: The Going Green at Good Shepherd initiative is overseen by the Sustainability Committee, a volunteer Committee that reports to the Vestry. The Committee oversees a variety of “Green Initiatives” at Good Shepherd, including our recycling program, ensuring that property improvements are done in an energy efficient way, our garden and compost programs, etc.

Memorial Garden Committee: The Memorial Garden is overseen by the Memorial Garden Committee, appointed by the Rector and the Vestry. The basic design, planning and administration of the Garden is under the supervision of the Committee, whose actions are subject to the approval of the Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd. The purpose of the Church of the Good Shepherd Memorial Garden is to provide an appropriate, consecrated, and maintained place for the interment of ash remains of church members and their families. The Garden is located in a wooded area on the property of the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Birthday Card Committee: The ministry of writing and sending birthday cards is important at Good Shepherd. The Birthday Card Committee provides an opportunity to send best wishes and blessings to parishioners on behalf of the Good Shepherd Parish. A volunteer is responsible for writing and addressing cards for one month (you choose the month). You are provided with the cards, stamps, return address labels, suggested messages and procedures. It is a simple way for an individual, family, or two friends sharing coffee to provide a rewarding ministry to our parish.

Diocesan Committees: Members of the parish occasionally serve on Committees of the Diocese of New York. Two members of the Congregation are elected every year to serve as Delegate and Alternate Delegate to Diocesan Convention. The Delegate and Alternate attend Convention with the rector.