Holy Days & Festivals

Good Shepherd is a very active parish. Below is a list of some of our pre-pandemic Holy Day activities and festivals.  We have continued these activities during the pandemic in various formats, such as Zoom, livestream, in-sanctuary and outdoor events and services. We have also added new celebrations, events, and activities, and ALL are welcome to join in.

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Throughout the year a number of important Holy Days are celebrated at Good Shepherd. Some of them fall on Sundays, others fall on weekdays. These special days mark the year and are part of church life for all of our members and friends.

For information on the Seasons of the Church Year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, etc.) click here.

The Holy Days are listed by date (some move around and occasionally we celebrate an Eve – the night before – but basically this list is chronological across a given year).  Please see the calendar for confirmation on all Holy Days.

Epiphany (January 6)
6:30 PM Said Eucharist

Candlemas (February 2)
6:30 PM Holy Eucharist with Hymns
7:30 PM Chili Competition and Festival
**On Candlemas 2017, we celebrated the Institution of Fr. Hal Roark as our 8th Rector!**

Ash Wednesday (varies from early-February to early-March)
8:00 AM Said Eucharist with Litany of Penitence and Administration of Ashes
12:00 PM Eucharist Mass with Litany of Penitence and Administration of Ashes
6:30 PM Eucharist Mass with Litany of Penitence and Administration of Ashes

Annunciation (March 25 – or transferred to the first Monday after Easter 2)
6:30 PM Holy Eucharist with Hymns
7:30 PM Stews and Chowders Festival

Palm/Passion Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Day)
Regular Lent Sunday schedule with Blessing of Palms (Procession from the Memorial Garden at 10AM) and Reading of the Passion at 8AM & 10AM on Sunday.

Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter Day)
4:00 PM Bread Baking for Maundy Thursday & Preparation for the Evening
6:30 PM Agape Dinner (Mediterranean Potluck)
7:30 PM Maundy Thursday Liturgy with Washing of Feet, Lord’s Supper (with fresh baked bread & homemade wine), Reservation of the Sacrament, Washing of the Altar, Stripping & Veiling of the Sanctuary.

Good Friday (FAST DAY)  (Friday before Easter Day)
12:00 PM Stations of the Cross
6:30 PM Soup Potluck Dinner (no alcohol, no flesh meat – stocks are ok)
7:30 PM Good Friday Liturgy: The Passion according to John, Solemn Collects, Showing of the Cross, Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament

The Great Vigil of Easter on Easter Eve  (Saturday before Easter Day)
4:00 PM Pizza Dough and Ingredient Making by Youth Group
6:30 PM The Great Pizza Festival of Easter
7:30 PM The Great Vigil of Easter: Lighting of the Easter Fire, Exsultet, Prophecies, Easter Alleluia & Gospel, Baptism/Renewal of Baptismal Vows, The Great Thanksgiving
9:00 PM The Great Dessert Reception of Easter

Easter Sunday (celebrated as scheduled between late-March and late-April)
Regular Sunday Schedule with Easter Egg Hunt after the 10AM service.

Ascension Day (Thursday 40 days after Easter Day)
6:30 PM Holy Eucharist with Hymns
7:30 PM Steakfest!!

Mothers’ Day: Episcopal Charities Day (in May)
Normal Sunday Schedule with special offering for Episcopal Charities & prayers and flowers for mothers. Sometimes a special breakfast is served.

Fathers’ Day (in June)
Normal Sunday Schedule with BBQ

Back To School Sunday (First Sunday after Labor Day)
Normal Sunday Schedule with Blessing of Backpacks at 10AM, and Sunday School Signup after church

Holy Cross Day (September 14)
6:30 PM Said Eucharist
7:00 PM ChickenFest

Saint Michael & All Angels (Michaelmas ) (September 29) (usually celebrated Saturday closest to 9/29)
5:30 PM Holy Eucharist with Hymns and Oktoberfest after the Service

All Saints & All Souls (November 2)
6:30 PM Holy Eucharist with with Hymns and Slow Cooked Dinner after the Service

All Saints’ Sunday (first Sunday in November)
Normal Sunday Schedule with Procession & Blessing of the Memorial Garden

Covenant/Stewardship Sunday (As announced)
Normal Sunday Schedule with Blessing of Pledge Cards at  8 & 10AM

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist with Hymns

Christmas Eve (December 24)
4:30 PM Family Eucharist with Children’s Procession
7:30 PM Christmas Carols & Anthems
8:00 PM Christmas Eve Eucharist

Christmas Day (December 25)
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist with Hymns
10:45 AM Bagels & Lox & Champagne Reception

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