American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem

Good Shepherd supports the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ).  Amanda Slattery is our a Missioner to AFEDJ.

AFEDJ is a non-political, independent nonprofit, partner with the Diocese of Jerusalem.  AFEDJ raises funds for and promotes the humanitarian work of the Diocese of Jerusalem and its institutions so it may better serve the needs of all people in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel. AFEDJ is devoted to equity, respect and human dignity.

We support the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in two major hospitals, a number of outpatient clinics, 13 schools, 29 parishes and 4 institutes for the disabled in throughout the 5 countries that make up the Diocese.  The Diocese provides education and care to those in need regardless of ethnic or religious background and is a beacon of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

Since 1996 the American Friends have donated over $20 million of free medical, school and infant supplies, as well as cash gifts to the Diocese of Jerusalem.

Those of any denomination who have an interest in the welfare of the Anglican community in the Holy Land are welcome to become a friend. There is no cost.

AFEDJ values your financial support which provides both physical comfort and hope to those struggling in a volatile region of the world.  The Christian community, a small and shrinking minority, faces obstacles each day.  We can make a difference in their lives and in the future of the region.

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