Schedule update from Fr. Hal

Hi everyone,

I am writing to update you on an unexpected development. Our daughter Lily, as you may know, is doing a January-term in Spain, and on February 7, she begins a spring semester in London. (Hard life, right?) The plans in place for her time in between programs have recently fallen through, and we needed to create a plan D.

Given Lily’s medical history, we do not want her traveling alone or in a country where we cannot communicate with others if something happens to her. As a result, her Godmother is going to fly to be with her from Jan. 31-Feb. 7th in London and to get her started in the London program. And I am going to fly out this Sunday, Jan. 20, after the annual meeting to meet Lily in Dublin from Jan. 21-31st and then fly back on Thursday, Jan. 31st. This isn’t ideal, and certainly wasn’t planned, but Lori cannot leave and it’s what we feel we need to do for Lily’s well-being.

I appreciate Rick and Leslie’s input and support on making this plan. Thank you for your understanding and prayers for our family.

In gratitude,
Fr. Hal