Our mission is to spread the good news of the risen Lord Jesus Christ in our community, through worship, fellowship, pastoral care, outreach, and education.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York, located in the Hamlet of Granite Springs in the town of Somers (near Yorktown at the top of Westchester County). Wherever you are in your life with God — whether a searcher or a long-time churchgoer — we invite you to make Good Shepherd your spiritual home. For information please contact the parish office at info@goodshepherdny.org or 914.248.5631.

Our priest and rector is the Reverend Matthew Hoxsie Mead.  He has served at Good Shepherd since 2009.  He has announced that he will leave Good Shepherd in May of 2015 to become rector of Christ the Redeemer in Pelham, New York.  For more information on this transition please read this announcement and this announcement.  Please keep both Good Shepherd and Christ Church in your prayers during this time of transition.  You can contact Father Matt at mead@goodshepherdny.org.  Visit Father Matt’s blog at www.FatherMatt.com

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